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Eye Care With a Personal Touch

Our eye care approach combines our passion for providing unforgettable experiences with our commitment to supporting your eye health and vision.

Every eye is unique, which is why we take the time to understand your vision needs and wants. By personalizing your eye exam process, we can help you learn more about your eyes and how you can support them.

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Serving Your Eye Health & Vision

Most adults should have an eye exam once at least every 2 years, but we may recommend more frequent eye exams if you:

We personalize our approach according to your needs. Regular eye exams are crucial for detecting potential issues in their early stages, and we can help identify these problems with the help of our modern eye care technologies.

A Comprehensive, Compassionate Experience

We take several steps to identify potential problems affecting your eyes and vision. Some of the most common issues adults can develop include:

While glasses and contact lenses can help correct visual errors caused by presbyopia or cataracts, other issues may require a treatment or management plan. These strategies may include medications, surgery, or lifestyle changes.

Vision Testing

Vision testing is how we measure your vision quality and function and determine your lens prescription. We can complete this by:

  • Having you read from a Snellen eye chart.
  • Comparing lenses with a phoropter device.
  • Testing your visual functions like focusing, depth perception, and more.

The eye exam gives us a clear view of your eye health and the various structures inside your eye that support your vision. During our process, and with the help of modern exam technologies, we can take a comprehensive look at your:

We carry a variety of eye care technologies as part of our commitment to helping you manage your eye health and achieve clear vision. These technologies include:

Please visit our Eye Disease Diagnosis & Management page for more information!

Come On In! We Are Happy to Help.

Our team can do so much to support your eye health and help you achieve clear vision. Whether you are looking for help managing eye disease or simply want to browse our fabulous selection of designer frames, we are always ready to help.

Book your appointment today, and enjoy your vision the River City way.

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