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If you are struggling with irritating dry eye symptoms, it is time to get the help you deserve.

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What Is Dry Eye?

Dry eye is a common eye problem millions of Americans experience. Though the issue is a little more common in older adults, anybody can develop its symptoms. Some of the most common sensations include:

  • Irritation
  • Light sensitivity
  • Redness
  • Wateriness
  • Glares and halos around lights

Dry eye is common, but there are several ways that it could develop. Eye exams can diagnose the cause of your symptoms so we can get to work on providing meaningful relief.

Your Tear Film

Dry eye affects your tear film, which is essential for healthy, comfortable eyes. Your tear film has 3 layers.


Mucus, the innermost layer, fastens your tears to your eyes and helps them spread evenly across the surface.

Water, the middle layer, helps hydrate your eye and washes away small particles like dust and dirt.

Oil, the outermost layer, is responsible for sealing in your tear film and preventing it from evaporating.

Types of Dry Eye

Your tear film may be affected by 2 types of dry eye:

Evaporative Dry Eye

Evaporative dry eye is the most common type of dry eye, affecting the oil content in your tear film. Most cases of evaporative dry eye are caused by meibomian gland dysfunction, an issue that affects the glands responsible for producing the oil in your tear film.

Aqueous tear deficiency is an issue that affects the water content in your tear film, making it hard for your eyes to stay hydrated. It may develop when the glands responsible for this moisture, called the lacrimal glands, do not produce enough water. People with Sjögren’s syndrome may have a higher risk of developing this issue.

Providing You Comfort

Before recommending a treatment, we will perform an eye exam to get a detailed look at your eye health and tear film. In some cases, health conditions and certain medications could increase the risk of developing dry eye.

We can determine what may be contributing to your symptoms and develop a strategy to help alleviate your discomfort. These strategies may include lifestyle changes, or they may include prescription and over-the-counter eye drop medication.


Xiidra is a medicated eye drop we may prescribe to help treat inflammation of your conjunctiva and lacrimal glands.

RESTASIS is a prescription eye drop that could help your eyes naturally produce tears and reduce inflammation.

Some over-the-counter eye drops can help stabilize your tear film and provide the relief you need. We offer a variety of eye drops, and we encourage you to come by and see what we have to offer.

Some eye drops may be a better option for some people than others, so make sure you speak to our team first and have an eye exam before purchasing over-the-counter drops.

Enjoy Your Vision

It is time to take control of your eye comfort. With the help of our team at River City Vision Center, you will find meaningful strategies for addressing dry eye so you can get back to enjoying your vision. Get started today by booking your appointment!

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